LG has dropped the bomb on the Android Wear smartwatch market as company has announced its second smartwatch while some companies are still working on unveiling their first smartwatch, like Asus. The new LG smartwatch is dubbed as G Watch R, which sports a round dial and boasts a sporty beautiful design.

LG G Watch R The G Watch R comes with a 1.3-inch Plastic OLED display, which takes up 100 percent of the watch’s round dial. Unlike the first G Watch, company promises that this display is clearly visible in the sunlight and even with any angle. It also features a water resistance of up to a meter for not more than 30 minutes. The dial rests in stainless steel frame while the leather straps are swappable according to the need. LG G Watch was the first Android Wear smartwatch that came in to market, but it lacked the round dial which was really appreciated on the design of Moto 360. But the Moto 360 official announcement is still one week away as it is scheduled during IFA Expo in September. While LG taking the opportunity and went right ahead with its announcement of the second smartwatch – G Watch R, is a clear example that round smartwatches are the clear choice of consumers.

Other notable hardware specification of this round faced smartwatch includes a 1.2 GHz Snapdragon processor, 512MB RAM, and 4GB of internal storage. G Watch R also introduce a heart rate monitor, which was absent on the original G Watch, as it will allow accessibility of health and fitness apps on the Android wearable device. On the system front, the wearable tech will be sporting the Google Now like interface optimized for the round face, and it sure looks like a good competitor against the Moto 360 and the rumored OnePlus One smartwatch.

There’s a button on the side of the watch, which is probably the power button in the disguise as it will be a big change for power control, to remind you that the current G Watch has no dedicated power button which made it hard to turn on when you turn off the smartwatch, but it looks like that missing feature has now been added to the G Watch R.

The round faced G Watch R will be arriving in the fourth quarter of this year while there is no word on the pricing model of the watch. But we are hoping that it would be around few bucks extra to the current G Watch’s pricing.